The Benefits of Di-NOC – In Your Home

Home renovation can be a very unpleasant and costly experience. Areas like your walls, doors, ceilings, kitchen cabinets and furniture can become old and deteriorated as the years go by. You may see paint chips, decolourisation, marks, stains, and other unattractive discrepancies. If you want to enhance the appearance of these areas of your home, then you only have two choices.

First, you can choose to replace your furniture, fit a new kitchen and repaint your walls and ceiling. This can be quite a costly exercise that could take weeks in some cases. If you’re a property owner on a tight budget and limited schedule, then performing such extensive tasks might not be something that you’ll want to do.

As an alternative, you can choose to use DI-NOC instead. DI-NOC can best be described as a self-adhesive film which you can place over most curved or flat, solid surface in order to enhance its appearance. You could place this film on ceilings, walls, panels, doors, furniture, desks, and whatever other flat surfaces you can think of.

If there are any unsightly marks on a surface and you don’t want to pay a lot of money for a huge renovation project, then DI-NOC is the best way to go. You should be able to apply all the film within less than a week, depending on how much surface space you want to cover up.


Let’s review the benefits:


  • Transform the Aesthetics of a Surface Quickly: Imagine having new flooring or walls installed within a few days without needing to tear up any of the tiles, wood, or drywall. You’d simply cover it up with a decorative adhesive film.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Refurbish, rather than replace! If you’re not disposing of wood, drywall, and other organic materials of your home, then you won’t be wasting those natural resources and polluting the earth. Instead, you will keep these materials where they are for potentially another 10 years without the demand for any new ones.
  • Patterns: There are more than 1000 different patterns you can choose from for the aesthetics of your film. For instance, if you want to make a surface look like wood, stone, or marble, then you can simply select an ultra-realistic Di-NOC film that looks like these textures. Some are so realistic that people don’t believe its vinyl.
  • Maximise your budget: Di-NOC gives unlimited opportunity to create stunning, modern and natural finishes around your home without the price tag of buying the real thing. Imagine the cost of a real marble or gold leaf wall!
  • No mess, no smell: Unlike some of the alternatives like paint, lacquer, tiles etc…The application of Di-NOC is a mess and odour free process.