The Hilton Hotel, London Metropole was due to commence a refurbishment project on one of their hotel floors. The project was a full gut a re-fit operation but they were still looking for options to not only save money but also time. Using 3M Di-NOC Architectural vinyl to wrap the existing doors and door frames as opposed to stripping them out and replacing them meant that they could save money, time and also reduce their impact to the environment by getting another 10 years life out of the doors and frames rather than them being sent to landfill. They had nearly disregarded 3M Di-NOC as an option due to a previously bad experience with another company that did not have the necessary training, experience or Endorsement from 3M. However, after a successful trial installation by InteriArt, the teams involved were blown away with the quality of finish we were able to achieve and the project was signed off for over 35 doors and frames to be fitted with a horizontal wood grain finish in the Abrasion range of materials.