Application Guide

Below is a quick guide to show you how to apply your InteriArt wallpaper. You will of course be sent full instructions, but if you can’t wait, then they are available to download here: Paste Yourself and Pre-pasted Wallpaper and Self-Adhesive Vinyl.


Be prepared!

Take some time to prepare your wall. Make sure it is as clean and smooth as possible, using filler to fill any cracks or chips in the paint or plaster work. If you use filler, sand the wall afterwards and wipe with a cloth to remove any residue. Ensure your wall is dry before you start.

You'll need to remove any plug sockets and light switches from the wall - PLEASE REMEMBER TO TURN OFF YOUR POWER SUPPLY FIRST.


Get the right tools for the job

To apply your photo wallpaper you will need:

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Large spirit level
  • Trimming tool (a sharp craft knife is vital for clean cuts and to avoid damage)
  • Rubber squeegee
  • Dry cloth
  • Step ladder or stool

If you've chosen our 'paste yourself' material, please also ensure you have the tools required for standard wallpapering.


Team up and take your time

We recommend you team up with at least one other person to hang your photo wallpaper, and give yourself plenty of time for the application process.


Set up

Look for the numbers on the back of each of your InteriArt rolls and put them in order before you start - Roll 1 will be the first roll on the left of your wall.

Draw a straight line 62cm in from the left-hand edge of your wall - use your spirit level to ensure it’s straight from floor to ceiling.


Prep your paper

The paste yourself material should be treated as you would normal wallpaper. The pre-pasted rolls should be dampened with a wet roller or spray - the wetter the better.
While the self-adhesive rolls require no real preparation other than peeling back a small section of backing paper from the top of the roll ready to apply to the wall.


Hang it!

The success of your installation will depend on the placement of your first roll. Hang the top left corner of the roll in the top left corner of your wall - leaving a little excess material at the top and down the left-hand edge that you can trim later.

Using your squeegee, smooth the top of the roll onto the wall. Do not apply too much pressure yet, just enough to ensure it stays in place.

Slowly apply the rest of the roll as you move down the wall - keeping the right-hand edge on your guide line.

We recommend having another person hold the bottom of the roll as you work your way down.

Once the first roll is applied to your liking, apply more pressure and remove any bubbles by gently smoothing them out with your squeegee.


Perfect your wall mural

Your rolls have a 1cm overlap to aid matching the image. Use a pencil to mark a line 1cm in from right hand edge of Roll 1, align Roll 2 with the line on Roll 1 and apply as before ensuring your image is consistent throughout.

Repeat this process for all rolls.


Allowing for wires

If during application you have wires that need to be pulled through, carefully cut a hole to size as required.

Repeat this process to cut around switches so that they can be replaced on top of the photo for a seamless appearance.


Keep it trim

Once all rolls have been applied, slowly trim the excess with your craft knife, following the edges of your wall or ceiling. Use something with a sturdy straight edge to ensure you cut a straight line.