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1. Pick your wall

1. Pick your wall

As long as the space you want your picture to fill is larger than 127cm x 127cm, we can print your custom photo wallpaper to fit.

So that your photo wall looks truly outstanding, ensure your designated wall is clean, smooth and in good condition.

2. Pick your photo

2. Pick your photo

Your photo wall can be based on any picture, but why not pick something that really means something to you - it could be a favourite skyline, a family portrait, or a perfect memory. The choice is yours!

To look effective and work as a photo wall your photograph needs to be high quality. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the file size, the better the picture.

3. Pick your paper

3. Pick your paper

Once you have chosen your perfect photo and its position, it's time to pick your type of wallpaper.

All material types are water and fire-resistant, provide a satin finish and will be delivered in pre-cut rolls, 63.5cm wide - similar to standard wallpaper.

You can choose from:

Paste yourself - £29.00 p/m2

For this material you'll need wallpaper paste and all the tools you would require for standard wallpapering.

Pre-pasted - £31.00 p/m2

To make things a little easier, this vinyl only requires water to activate the pre-pasted glue.

Self-adhesive - £34.00 p/m2

This is the easiest to put up and will make your photos really 'pop' thanks to its premium print quality.

Now let's make it happen!

Use our visualisation software to enter your wall size, check your photo quality, then crop or zoom on the image to make sure your picture fits perfectly on your wall.

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